3D Simulation
Blending technology and creativity, Üniteks utilizes 3D simulation software, CLO, to achieve rapid design produced at lower costs.
3D Simulation
Digital Archives
By archiving all our products in digital environment, we ensure permanence and accessibility at all times.
We transfer our organizational memory to digital media, enable future predictions through the analysis of past data, and use this knowlegde while creating our design strategies.
Digital Archives
VC Rooms
We can hold our meetings in a virtual environment and transfer even the smallest details on the models to our customers as if they were being looked at with a magnifying glass in our Video Conference rooms equipped with cameras with high optical zoom capability.
In this way, we not only save time, travel and logistics costs, but also prevent the carbon footprint that will arise.
VC Rooms
Virtual Showroom
In order to adapt to the changing world, we focused on digital transformation and started primarily in our collections. We bring our collections, which we have created with our 3D designs, together with our customers in virtual showrooms.
Virtual Showroom
Trend Analysis

Üniteks leads the fashion industry with its experienced and creative design team. We create what the fashion world desires, closely following the most important runway shows, street styles, fashion bloggers, show business, and social media trends. Regular visits to the most important fashion centers and collaboration with design connoisseurs, such as WSGN and Nelly Rodi, enable Üniteks to keep its fingers on the pulse of modern fashion.

Tasarım Ofisleri

Şirketin tasarımları; İzmir, Barselona, Londra ve La Coruna’da bulunan tasarım ofislerinde,
yerli tasarımcıları barındıran geniş bir tasarım ekibi tarafından yapılmaktadır. Farklı lokasyonlardaki tasarım ofisleri; müşteriler için firmaya yurt içi ve yurt dışında ulaşım kolaylığı sağlamasının yanı sıra; tasarım ekibinin dünyanın çeşitli yerlerindeki moda akımlarını yerinde ve yakından takip etmesine ve büyük beğeni toplayan yaratıcı işler çıkarmasına olanak sağlamaktadır.

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Üniteks’ young and dynamic design team does not just follow fashion trends, they set them through their creation of assertive and popular collections.
Library Room
Üniteks cares deeply about customer satisfaction and holds over 130 thousand swatch cards at out fabric library.
Rollic Room
Through our practical and tranparent service, customers experience consistent quality. Our clients can select their desired fabric from our fabric warehouse and may review samples produced within a few hours.
Our modelling department has 150 machines and sewing bands organized according to clients’ desires and can apply any kind of stitching. We produce 10.000 sample pieces per month.